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Joanna Harbour for Clackamas County Commissioner




We need to work on the following:

  • The Economy – At the level of the county government there is not much that can be done to improve the overall economy (inflation, gas prices etc). However, the commissioners can and should be keeping the costs of fees and taxes within the county’s purview at a reasonable rate.  We can work on regulations and building permit process to make sure that everything is done promptly and efficiently.  We can fight road tolling with all that we have knowing this is decided at the state level with federal approval.

  • Crime – We do not want the lawlessness from Portland and Multnomah County to creep into our county.  We are for law and other.  Not disorder. Hopefully, one day Portland will wake up and no longer stand for it, until then they can keep it.  The commissioners should make sure that our county law enforcement and prosecutors offices are fully funded.  However, we should also audit those offices to make sure the funds given are used wisely.  

  • Homelessness – Unfortunately, there is not an easy solution, as this is an individual b problem.  What will work for one person won’t work for the other.  Mental health issues and addiction are two of the biggest causes of homelessness.  We at the county level, can’t force people to get help.  What we can do it work to bring down the cost and time is takes to get permits to build new housing.



I will work with my fellow commissioners to accomplish the following:

  • Remove Clackamas County from Metro – this is an agency that controls too much of our county but has little input from our county.

  • Reduce the barriers to building new properties.

  • Increase Transparency and Accountability.  A good example is making sure information is readily available either through the website or in person visits to county offices.